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Posted in Uncategorized on May 7, 2016

Blogging for Business

Many restaurants have blogs and they have them for a reason. Blogs keep people interested in the restaurant and they help bring new people to dine. Blogging can also help show people what you have to offer from your regular menu and specials to entertainment and much more.


When you start a blog on your restaurant website, you need to make sure you blog about the right things. Blogging about information that has nothing to do with the restaurant may seem interesting to you, but it can actually be damaging to your business. It won’t necessarily be damaging to your sales, but it can be damaging due to the time spent writing a blog that is not going to interest customers is time that could be spent on blogging that will bring people in or time that could be spent getting to know your customers and making them feel welcome. 


When you write a blog on your restaurant website, you should post a new post at least twice or more each week. You want to keep content fresh and make sure there are always no less than five to seven posts up that new people can read and enjoy. To start your blog, you can use the following suggestions to help with restaurant blog topics:


Restaurant Events and Entertainment

People want to know about events that they can attend that will be fun. If your restaurant hosts events such as trivia night, poetry readings, live music or other entertainment, be sure to blog about it in advance so people will know about it and can make plans to dine with you.


Special Dishes That You Serve

If you serve specialty dishes the public needs to know about them! For instance, you may be the only restaurant in your area that serves low carb choices or gluten free foods. Be sure to write a blog post detailing the special menu items and why they are good. Many people today enjoy eating foods that they cannot locate at most restaurants. If you serve these menu items, be sure to let people know about them!


One of a Kind Menu Items

Does your restaurant serve a signature dish that no one else in town serves? Maybe it’s a cake with a recipe handed down through generations or a signature drink special to your customers. Writing a blog post to let people know about the dish, what ingredients it contains and how great it tastes is a good way to make people really want to come in and try your special dishes. You can always divulge a little enticing information without giving out the entire secret recipe.


Community Events and Attractions

If your restaurant is located in a city that hosts large community events or has popular public attractions, writing a blog post each week on what is around you is a great way to not only entertain current customers, but it’s an outstanding way to bring ion tourists and others from the community that may be looking for local attractions and come across your blog posts. Many businesses find an increase in sales during community events, holiday events and others due to writing about them on their restaurant blog page and sharing with their customers.



Once you have made the decision to start a blog, be sure to follow this simple advice to create a blog that will gain attention and help boost your business. Blogging about the right kinds of restaurant related topics will help make your restaurant stand out and can bring in a crowd that will turn into loyal repeat customers that generate a steady revenue for you and your staff members.


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