Posted on April 11, 2016

Your Restaurant Deserves Attention

Aptos Restaurants is the Number 1 place for restaurant owners that really want to get their business websites noticed and bring in new customers to their location. We know that starting a new restaurant can be difficult, especially when it comes to bringing in customers that have never dined with you. Your restaurant will need a great website that will showcase all that you have to offer and will really make people want to check you out.
Just because you build a site, however, does not mean that people will begin stumbling onto it by chance. If you are a restaurant owner and you just started a new website for your restaurant you need to market it in order to let customers find it. In order to market your restaurant, you need to know different ways that your customers are going to be able to find your website to begin with.

Are People Finding Your Website?

Here are the top ways that a new customer is going to find your restaurant website:
• Friends and Family. This has always been the number 1 way for people to find any type of business, including restaurants. When you start a new website for your restaurant, your goal will of course be to gain new customers through the site, but in order to gain new customers you need to first, target your current customers and bring them to the site. Once your current customers are on the site they will begin to share the website via social media by Tweeting on Twitter and posting links to Facebook and other platforms.

Just as the age old “word of mouth” has always worked for business referrals, it works the same way online when customers start posting via social media to let others know what they think about a business. As a matter of fact, until you decided to start the website, word of mouth has probably been the number 1 way that new customers have heard about what you offer. Expanding a bit on word of mouth, your current customers may also share your website by emailing or texting the website link to others.

One thing to keep in mind is that with so many using cell phones today, your website really needs to be mobile friendly. It should be easy to view and simple to navigate. Difficult or extremely busy websites turn customers away and will not help you grow your business. Keep it simple and attractive to pull customers in and help with the word of mouth referrals. A great plus to this is the fact that current customers make the best advertisers for your restaurant and it is free advertising for you.

• Search Engines. In order for you to have a website that grabs attention and shows up when people are searching for the type of restaurant that you own is to make sure that your website has what it takes to rank in Google search as well as Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. In the past, simply having a nice looking website that was written nicely would get you noticed by search engines. Today, search engines are much more complex and a lot of work needs to go into a website to make sure it gets noticed.

The internet is a very competitive place and you need to make sure your restaurant ranks highly in search so it will be shown when people are searching for restaurants in your local area. Your site should use keywords that people are most likely to enter when searching for the type of food or entertainment you offer. These keywords need to be used correctly throughout the entire site and content should be fresh so you can attract customers.

Starting a blog on your website is a great idea as it keeps people coming back. The blog posts do not have to be personal at all by the way. You can write on a wide array of restaurant related topics that will keep customers engaged from one day to the next and will keep them sharing the website and your restaurant to help increase your customer base. Having a blog page on your website also lets Google know that they need to continue to come back to your website to check for new content and this is a great way to pull your business up in Google rankings to really help get the restaurant noticed when people are searching.

• Social Media. Social media kind of goes along with friends and family and word of mouth. Every business should have a social media page where they can interact with customers. A Facebook and Twitter page are definitely recommended and can help boost your restaurant as long as you do what is necessary to keep people interested.

Many business owners mistakenly think that just by starting a page on Facebook that they have done their part. This is a huge mistake! When you start a Facebook page, you need to stay active on the page in order to keep people interested. Sharing links to the blog on your website, food and recipes that you sell and fun things or community and charity events that the restaurant may be a part of is a great way to keep people focused on you.

It’s also a great way to get more free advertising because when people enjoy your posts, they will share them with friends and family on their own social media accounts, thus helping to increase your business presence with the public.

Be sure to respond to customers and those that post on your page or comment under your posts. This helps people feel truly connected and they tend to dine and shop at places that make them feel welcome. When you show that you are an interesting restaurant that cares about your customers, people take notice and that action will go a long way when it comes to having a steady flow of business.

Now you know that people will come to your website through friendly referrals in person and online as well as through Google and other search engine searches. You can greatly increase your restaurant traffic by using these wisely to bring in new customers.

What We Can Do for You

When you are ready to start your Aptos Restaurants Website, we can assist with the following:
• Creating a Powerful Brand
• Showing Customers Your Dedication
• Optimizing Website Pages with Keywords
• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
• Increasing Website Traffic
Aptos Restaurants is the go to company for restaurant owners that need to build great websites, increase traffic to existing websites and bring new customers in to increase sales.

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